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AWL Sentences, taken from

AWL [83:107:157] accurately aggregate aggregate aggregate aggregate aggregates aggregates analysed analysis analysis annually apparent apparent assess assessed attributes beneficial bonded capacity capacity capacity component components comprised considerably conventional conventionally corresponding corresponding cyclic data demonstrate element elements enhanced enhancing environment environment erosion evaluate evaluate evaluated evaluation evolution evolution exhibited exhibits exposed externally extraction finite focus functioning fundamental furthermore furthermore generate image image image impact impact impact impact implemented incorporating incorporating incorporation individually instance interaction intrinsic investigated investigated investigated investigated investigated investigated investigating investigation issue layer legislation major maximum maximum method method methods minimum minimum obtained options parameters parameters period potential predict principal process process proportions range ratio ratio ratio ratio ratios ratios reinforced reinforced reinforced reinforcement reinforcement requirement research research response retentive retentive retentive reveal revealed selected significant significantly significantly stress stress stress structural structure structure substitute supplementary supplementary sustainability sustainable sustainable sustainable technique technique techniques transformed trend validated variation variations varies varying vehicle visual volume volume volume volume whereas

Test results showed that PVA fiber was preferable to AS fiber in enhancing the fatigue life of HVS-LWC, whereas the fatigue damage of the PVA fiber concrete was lower than that of the AS fiber concrete. 

The results showed that materials composition have significant effects on the water absorbing capacity, compressive strength and flexural strength of hardened water-retentive slurry, as well as the workability of fresh WRS. WRAC showed good moisture resistance, rutting resistance and low deformation resistance comparable to the control PAC.      , vocabprofile,   vp classic,   paste the text in the box and submit window should be clicked
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Home Work Academic Writing 2: Structuring an argument

33.1  Look at A and fill the gaps in this article about collocations.
(A is available in the book of English Collocation in Use page 70)

Collocations in English (1)......... into a number of different categories. In this article I should like to draw a (2)........... between 'ordinary' collocations and those that are so fixed that they can be called idioms. although my main focus is on ordinary collocations, I shall also to some extent( 3)......... idioms into consideration too. I plan to (4).......... a number question about learning collocations in a foreign or second language. I shall attempt to answer these questions  by (5) ............ reference to the work of the leading writers in the field . My intention is to  make a strong (6)............... for a more intensive focus on collocation in the language learning process. I shall also (7).............. on issues such as pronunciation.

1. Fall
2. Distinction
3. Take
4. Raise
5. Making
6. Case
7. Touch

33.2 Look at B and C and complete these collocations.
( B and C are available in the book of English Collocation in Use Page 70)

1. ................ the significance of a factor
2. argue something very .................
3. ......................... an analogy to an argument
5. put ................... an argument
6..........................firmly to a belief
7...............attention to a new trend
8...............emphasis on one factor
9 disagree............ .....with someone
10................... a conclusion


  1. assess
  2. convincingly
  3. draw
  4. lend 
  5. forward
  6. hold
  7. draw 
  8. lay
  9. profoundly
  10. draw
33.3 choose the correct collocation.
  1. This paper proposes / presents / offers the case for the complete revision of the theory.
  2. Recent research hints / explains / suggests that Jackson's theory of economic development is flawed.
  3. The author of the book adopts / adapts / affects an unusual position to the topic.
  4. The writer of the article explains / states / declares his opinion very clearly.
  5. The article concludes by briefly / shortly / precisely summarising the main points that the author wishes to put across.
  6. The writer does / draws / creates some interesting parallels between life now and life in the Middle Ages.
  7. I keep / take / hold firmly to my belief in the importance of basic human rights.
  8. The book rises / arises / raises some key questions but fails to deal with them in a satisfactory manner.


  1. presents
  2. suggests
  3. adopts
  4. states
  5. briefly
  6. draws
  7. hold 
  8. raises

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Reading a Book and Writing a Review of it

Mr Bean Toothache level 2

I have read this story book, it was quite interesting. Mr bean has got toothache, it had very pain for him, he has a terrible time with his tooth, so he decided to pull out his tooth, but he was afraid from dentist as well, thus, he tried by him self to pull out his tooth, He put string in his tooth and tried pull out his tooth but he could not, then he tied same string with the door and he failed again, later on he tied the string with the tree beside road he stands at the other side of the road and he failed again to pull out his tooth meanwhile he caused many accidents on the road as well due to the string tied with the tree. finally at night while he was watching the TV, he could pull out his tooth by himself. 
after this mr bean tried to fix his tooth back, he glued his tooth, but it does not work. then he cut the horn of Dinosaur and put on his tooth, unfortunately he felt more pain, finally he was forced to go to the dentist, the dentist pull out the Dinosaur horn from his mouth, and made a new tooth for him, Mr Bean was frightened while dentist were fixing his tooth, but he went sleeping after minutes the dentist woke up him and Mr Bean saw his tooth fixed and he loved it, he became very happy, when he return home,he put the Dinosaur tooth back, so all the problems became fixed.
 it was a nice story , I recommend this book for all who are willing to learn English.


Home Work Irregular Plurals ( talking about the ideas)

31.2  Change the words in bold from singular to plural or vice versa, as instructed. Make any
          other necessary changes to each sentence.
1. There is an interesting PhD thesis on water resources in the library. ( make plural)
2. What were your main criteria in designing your survey? ( make singular)
3. She was interested in strange phenomena connected with comets.(make singular)
4. The hypothesis was never proved, as the data were incomplete. ( make plural)

1. There are interesting PhD theses on water resources in the library.
2. What were your main criterion in designing your survey?
3. She was interested in strange phenomenon connected with comets.
4. The hypotheses was never proved, as the data were incomplete.

31.3 make the beginning of each sentence with the most appropriate ending.  
 1. we must never accept the notion              on the role of the United Nations in times of war.
2. the task of choosing an analytical             on gender and language use very clear.
3. the book expresses his viewpoint              of dark matter to explain certain observations.
4. Tannes has always made her stance          that intelligence is connected to race.
5. Consumers have different perceptions     of family healthcare which changed everything.
6. The report laid out a new modal               of what low price and high quality mean.
7. Physicists developed the concept             framework is an important stage in any research

1 We must never accept the notion that intelligence is connected to race.
2 The task of choosing an analytical framework is an important stage in any research.
3 The book expresses his viewpoint on the role of the United Nations in times of war.
4 Tannen has always made her stance on gender and language use very clear.
S Consumers have different perceptions of what low price and high quality mean.
6 The report laid out a new model of family healthcare which changed everything.

7 Physicists developed the concept of dark matter to explain certain observations.

31.4 Read the text and then answer the questions. Use a dictionary if necessary.

Autonomy and creativity are two key concepts in the humanities which are often thought to be not part of scientific thinking. However, recent projects in the sciences suggest this is not true. For example, the attempt to load the components of human consciousness into a computer is a fundamentally creative activity which has profound implications for our understanding of what a human being is. Such science  may make us change our way of thinking about moral and philosophical questions and may make it possible for those in the humanities to find a  new grounding for their own work.

1 Which noun means 'independence / the right to think in one's own way'?
2 Which noun means the opposite of 'the sciences'?
3 Which adjective means 'felt or experienced very strongly or in an extreme way'?
4 What are the noun forms of think and understand used in this text?
5 Which adjective in the text means 'relating to standards of good or bad behaviour, what
     is right and wrong, etc.'?
6 Which noun in the text means the same as 'foundation/basis'?

1.  autonomy
2.  the humanities
3.  profound
4 . thinking, understanding
5.  moral
6.  grounding

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I am Hemayatullah Shahidi from afghanistan, my home town is kabul, capital of Afghanistan, in 2014 I came to Japan, started my master course in kumamoto university, graduate school of science and technology, department of civil engineering.
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